Events At The Black Forest Inn

With a large dining/lounge area, The Black Forest Inn hosts events throughout the year. Some of these events include Murder Mystery Dinners and special Holiday Dinners, such as Valentine’s Day. Be sure to keep an eye on this page for upcoming events!

Murder Mystery

Murder Mystery Sold Out

Friday March 27, 2020


Murder Mystery


Saturday March 28, 2020


Well we did sell out… a month before the events!

But now in light of concerns around the COVID-19 virus we’ve had to cancel the Murder Mystery Dinners. While we believe the risk of exposure is low right now, we have no way of predicting what the risk might be in the future. Add to that some of the underlying health concerns of some of our guests… we do not wish to amplify any stress anyone might already have.

We hope to offer future Murder Mystery Dinner events… they’ve been a great hit thus far.

Meanwhile, stay safe as we all weather this pandemic.