Food and Fun at the Black Forest Inn

What we now call the Black Forest Inn was originally a restaurant and bar under the ownership and direction of Bernice Musekamp. Named after her, the restaurant became well known by its patrons for good food and fun. The first meal served was on Easter Sunday in 1954.

While the restaurant has always served many meals, it is reserved now for only our delicious breakfast made from scratch each morning. After that the space can be used for many different events which we host.

Our Bed & Breakfast

We offer seven unique rooms to suit almost anyone’s style. You’ll enjoy the peace and quiet that comes with staying in an area surrounded by nature. Find out more about our Bed & Breakfast below.

Restaurant grill pub
Now closed.

When Bernice Musekamp built the Black Forest Inn in the mid-1950’s she had folks from all around the Black Hills driving out to dine and drink at her establishment. Rumor has it she was always up for a card game and was gently reminded by area business owners to not take too much of their employees’ wages. It was only fitting that the summertime restaurant at the Black Forest Inn be named in her honor.

The restaurant is now used as a multi-purpose space which is still a wonderful place to enjoy breakfast, but also a great venue for the events we hold at the Black Forest Inn.